Persistent, Mobile and Toxic Substances:
A challenge for Analytical Chemistry and Water Quality

21st - 22nd January  2020

General Information

Persistent and (very polar) mobile substances (PM substances) are a potential threat to water quality. Neither biodegradation nor sorption removes such compounds from water. This is particularly critical if the substances are also toxic (PMT substances). This workshop wants to foster the scientific development in order to improve our abilities to evaluate the significance of PM (PMT) substances for water quality, wastewater reuse and drinking water supply. We cordially invite researchers, practitioners and further stakeholders involved in water quality monitoring, and water treatment and control from national and EU level to share their knowledge on PM(T) substances, elaborate how to close knowledge gaps and how the load of PM(T) substances can be reduced. → For more information on the workshop, please download the leaflet here.


Urs Berger, Thorsten Reemtsma (UFZ); Thomas ter Laak (KWR); Michael Neumann, Peter von der Ohe (UBA)


Leipziger KUBUS
Permoserstraße 15
04318 Leipzig


The progamme consists of 10 oral presentations, poster spotlights and poster presentations on day 1 and of working groups and a final plenary session on day 2. The preliminary programme is available here.


Registration deadline: 23.12.2019
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Abstract Submission

Submission of abstracts for poster presentation are welcome. Please submit your abstract until 6 January 2020. Use the "submit a paper" button on the right side.

  • Analytical Methods for PM compounds (monitoring and screening level)
  • PM findings and knowledge on occurrence
  • Persistency: data quality and test methods
  • Mobility: suitable parameters and options for verification
  • Toxicity and ecotoxicity of PM substances
  • Removal options for PM substances from water
  • PMT: general issues

Guidlines for abstracts:

  • All abstracts must be in English, max. 1 page
  • Abstract title
  • List authors and affiliation
  • Contact details
  • Please use the provided template

Please note that registration for the workshop and abstract submission are two independent procedures!

Conference Dinner

On Tuesday 21st January 2020 evening, a conference dinner is organized in Leipzig (the place will be announced). Participation at the dinner is optional. The fee for the conference dinner will be € 20 per person.

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