Welcome at the CMS of the 13th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on sustainable use and management of soil, sediment and water resources


Thank you for your interest/participation in AquaConSoil 2015.

List of delegates:

Please note: the list of delegates is only available to delegates who have participated in the AquaConSoil. For viewing the list please login to your user account, you will find the list in the C³ overview. Due to data privacy policies email adresses are not included, we hope for your understanding!

Full paper submission:

All authors may submit a full paper for the Conference Proceedings at the conference website. Please find detailed instructions below. The online submission for full papers will be kept open until 15 September! With submitting a full paper you agree to have it published in the online proceedings of the conference website and you guarantee to be entitled to use and publish the submitted material (e.g. pictures, graphics, etc).
As soon as the full paper is submitted it is linked to the respective contribution in the conference planner

The full papers combined in one pdf-file will be made available for download appr. on 30 September 2015.


Instructions for oral papers

Instructions for poster papers

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