BonaRes 2018 Conference in Berlin
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PhD Michael Dannenmann
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research Germany
  • Presentation SUSALPS: Sustainable use of alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in a changing climate<br>(Highlight Presentation SusAlps) Author
    Date: 26.02.2018 , Time: 13:30 | Topic: 1.1 Sustainable use of agricultural systems
  • Presentation The SUSALPS Grazing Experiment: how does re-vitalization of a 60 years-abandoned mountain pasture change soil functions and ecological services? Speaker
    Date: 26.02.2018 , Time: 15:09 | Topic:
  • Presentation Nitrogen use efficiency of montane grasslands as affected by management intensity and climate change: A 15N manure labeling experiment Author
    Date: 26.02.2018 , Time: 15:14 | Topic:
  • Presentation Climate change amplifies gross nitrogen turnover in montane grasslands of Central Europe both in summer and winter seasons Speaker
    Date: 26.02.2018 , Time: 17:30 | Topic: 2.2 Soil biomes and nutrient turnover
  • Presentation Drivers of carbon dynamics in grassland soils of Bavaria between 1986 and 2016 Author
    Date: 27.02.2018 , Time: 09:00 | Topic: 1.3 Modelling and mapping of soil functions
  • Presentation The effects of climate change and soil management on carbon and nitrogen contents of montane grassland soils Author
    Date: 27.02.2018 , Time: 13:06 | Topic:
  • Presentation Aggregation and C dynamics in grassland soils along an elevation gradient in the northern limestone Alps of Germany Author
    Date: 27.02.2018 , Time: 13:32 | Topic:
  • Presentation Soil microbiome diversity and function along an altitudinal gradient of (sub)alpine grassland sites Author
    Date: 28.02.2018 , Time: 08:45 | Topic: 1.5 Impact of management on the soil microbiome and its activity II
  • Presentation Dinitrogen soil emissions as an overlooked key component of the N balance of montane grasslands Author
    Date: 28.02.2018 , Time: 11:45 | Topic: 3.3 Nutrient status and dynamics, and soil amendments